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Super Dirt Week 360 Shootout Results: 10/9/15 Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, Elbridge, NY


360 Shootout – Mark Smith ($3,000), Chuck Hebing ($1,800), Mike Mahaney ($1,000), Scott Kreutter ($750), Robbie Stillwaggon ($600), Mike Stelter ($550), Bryan Howland ($500), Alain Bergeron ($475), Tommy Wickham ($450), Dylan Swiernik ($425), Larry Kelleher ($400), Joe Trenca ($375), Sammy Reakes IV ($350), Darryl Ruggles ($325), Rob Dietrick ($300), George Suprick ($290), Paulie Colagiovanni ($285), Jordan Thomas ($280), Ryan Susice ($275), Dane Lorenc ($270), Steve Hutchinson ($265), Jason Barney ($260), Davie Franek ($255), Dave Axton ($250)


Lap Leaders – Stelter 1-8, Smith 9-25 



Heats (8 Laps Each)


Race 1: Barney, Dietrick, Howland, Trenca, Reakes, Franek, A. Ruggles, Colagiovanni, Swiernik, Barger (DNS)


Race 2: Mahaney, Hebing, Bergeron, Lorenc, D. Ruggles, T. Wickham, Suprick, Kelleher, Axton, D. Wickham, Susice


Race 3: Stelter, M. Smith, Kreutter, Thomas, Stillwaggon, Hutchinson, Juliano, D. Just, Preston, Glover


B-Main (Top 6): Suprick, Kelleher, Swiernik, Axton, Susice, Colagiovanni, Juliano, D. Wickham, D. Just, A. Ruggles, Preston, Barger, Glover


Did Not Qualify – Dave Wickham, David Just, Alysha Ruggles, Justin Barger, Steve Glover, Jonathan Preston, Derrick Juliano.




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