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1st Annual Cole Cup Results : 9/7/13, Utica-Rome Speedway Vernon, NY


Heats (10 Laps Each)-


Race 1: Poirier, Stillwaggon, Howland, Sparks, Hebing, Tanner, Swiernik, Reakes, Vitale, Glover, Stelter


Race 2: Barney, Pauch, W. Johnson, Franek, Barger, Styres, Naida, Knab, Hanson, Ely, Hutchinson


Race 3: Friesen, Zimbardi, Collard, Zemken, Ott, Bo. Breen, Kinney, Habeck, Wagner, Girard


Race 4: Ward, Donath, Kreutter, West, Dempster, Thomas, Axton, D. Just, Quackenbush, Williams


Race 5: Wight, T. Wickham, Yonge, Vigneault, Cook, Trenca, Bitner, Bohlke, S. Just, Varin


B-Main (Top 6): Tanner, Bo. Breen, Swiernik, Naida, Kinney, Cook, Trenca, Stelter, Hutchinson, Wagner, Axton, Barger


360 SPRINT CAR COLE CUP FINISH (30-laps): Stewart Friesen, Steve Poirier, Shawn Donath, Jessica Zemken, Cory Sparks, Jason Barney, Davie Franek, Lance Yonge, Jamie Collard, Scott Kruetter, Paul Kinney, Matt Tanner, Tommy Wickham, Joe Trenca, Patrick Vigneault, Kevin Ward Jr., Robby Stillwaggon, Jeff Cook, Dylan Swiernik, Randy West, Wayne Johnson, Dain Naida, Justin Barger, Bobby Breen, Larry Wight, Bryan Howland DNS Billy Pauch Jr., Jared Zimbardi


DNQ Mark Bitner, Chuck Hebing, Vinnie Vitale, Steve Glover, Sammy Reakes IV, Mike Stelter, Dave Ely, Brad Knabb, Glenn Styres, James Hanson, Steve Hutchinson, Dave Axton, Scott Wagner, Danny Varin, Scott Just, Ryan Bohlke, Casey Williams, Geoff Quackenbush, Dave Just, Jeff Thomas, Keith Dempster, Etienne Girard, Paul Habeck, Aaron Ott



The event was stretched out over a two day period as rain halted the action halfway through and the action picked up the next day. Some competitors did not return the second day.

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