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Autodrome Granby – PST/ESS Challenge Night #2 5/12/12

Can-Am Challenge - Shane Stewart ($5,000), Justin Barger, Alain Bergeron, Lance Yonge, Bryan Howland, Jamie Collard. Kevin Loveys, Jeff Cook, Shawn Donath, Paul Kinney, Patrick Vigneault, Glenn Styres, Jared Zimbardi, Chris Jones, Dale Gosselin, Etienne Girard, Joe Trenca, Kayle Robidoux, Devin Caron, Dain Naida, Anthony Cain, Matt Tanner, Lee Ladouceur, Mitchell Brown, Keith Dempster, Travis Cunningham, Jason Barney, Michael Parent. Did Not Qualify - Chris Durand, Dan Douville, Mike Ferrell, Dylan Swiernik, Donald Lemire, Tyler Rand, Fast Time - Bergeron.

Heat 1 - Bergeron, Yonge, Styres, Gosselin.

Heat 2 - Stewart, Howland, Dempster, Barney.

Heat 3 - Loveys, Zimbardi, Collard, Vigneault.

Heat 4 - Donath, Parent, Barger, Tanner.

B-Main - Cook, Trenca, Jones, Robidoux, Cain, Kinney, Cunningham, Girard, Brown, Ladouceur, Caron.

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