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Autodrome Granby – PST/ESS Challenge Night #1 5/11/12

Can-Am Challenge – Prelim

Heat 1 - Steve Poirier. Travis Cunningham. Chris Jones. Glenn Styres. Keith Dempster. Anthony Cain. Mitchell Brown. Kevin Ward Jr. Michael Parent.

Heat 2 - Shane Stewart. Jared Zimbardi. Bryan Howland. Kayle Robidoux. Dale Gosselin. Tyler Rand. Etienne Girard. Jason Barney. Chris Durand.

Heat 3 - Dain Naida. Alain Bergeron. Jamie Collard. Matt Tanner. Patrick Vigneault. Mike Ferrell. Lee Ladouceur. Cory Sparks. Jake Langlois.

A-Main 1 – Naida ($500). Collard. Zimbardi. Jones. Vigneault. Brown. Robidoux. Rand. Dempster. Barney. Did Not Start - Poirier. Ladouceur. Ward Jr. Langlois

A-Main 2 – Stewart ($500). Cunningham. Bergeron. Styres. Gosselin. Girard. Cain. Durand. Ferrell. Tanner. Parent. Howland. Did Not Start - Sparks

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