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Summer Shootout Notes – A total of 35 cars in the pits on night two…New entries were Tanner, Kyle Moffit and Josh Pieniazek with Brad Knab and Jeff Frasier not returning…Steve Poirier, the winner of the first night, blew his engine early in the A-Main and was the only car not to finish the 25 lap event…Andy Best had mechanical woes early and loaded up before the heats were run…Drivers that finished the two nights in the top ten each night were Hebing, Barger, Zemken, Donath, Yonge and Parent.


A-Main - Chuck Hebing ($3,000), Robbie Stillwaggon, Justin Barger, Jessica Zemken, Shawn Donath, Jason Barney, Lance Yonge, Josh Weller, Jeff Cook, Michael Parent, Randy West, Don Adamczyk, Bryan Howland, Kyle Moffit, Scott Kreutter, Cory Sparks, Alain Bergeron, JJ Grasso, Rory Janney, Tommy Wickham, Matt Tanner, Paul Habeck, Shayne Ely, Jared Zimbardi, Steve Poirier.

Did Not Qualify - Dylan Swiernik, Kramer Williamson, Curt Michael, Tim Hogue, Bob Ries, Tim Kelly, Josh Pieniazek, Steve Collings, Kyle Dutcher, Andy Best.

Lap Leaders - Stillwaggon 1-18, Hebing 19-25

Heat 1 - Zemken, Kreutter, Barney, Habeck, Adamczyk
Heat 2 - Yonge, Moffit, Donath, T. Wickham, Barger
Heat 3 - Hebing, Ely, Cook, Stillwaggon, Parent
Heat 4 - Tanner, Bergeron, Janney, Weller, West
B-Main - Sparks, Howland, Grasso, Poirier
Provisional - Zimbardi

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