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Posted: Jan 29, 2011 08:01 PM EDT

Patriot Sprint Tour Early Registration Incentives Announced

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The 2011 Patriot Sprint Tour Season is rapidly approaching, which means the time for race teams to register, score points and save money is running out.


The time is now for drivers and team members to complete their registration form.  By completing the PST Registration form, members are eligible to receive season-long awards, as well as a $30 maximum pit fee at all PST events.  All driver memberships include, among other things, a $100,000 medical insurance policy.  Team members also have the option to acquire a membership with insurance, if desired.  Membership forms can be found at


The first deadline in the early registration process will be reached this week.  Anyone who has their registration postmarked by February 1 will receive 20% of the membership fee back in credit towards all-new PST Merchandise.  For drivers, this is worth $30 of merchandise.  With new hats, shirts, jackets and much more coming out for the Inaugural PST tour, this will give long-supporting members the ability to obtain a few items at no additional charge.


If a membership is not submitted by February 1, those interested will have a second chance to still save.  Anyone who registers by March 15 will receive PST Merchandise credit worth 10% of their membership fee.  This deadline will take place just after the completion of the Gater News Motorsports Expo in Syracuse on March 12 and 13.  PST Officials will be on hand that weekend for anyone interested in obtaining a 2011 PST Membership.


March 15 will also be a deadline for teams to fill out their driver profile on the all-new website.  After that point, the profiles will be launched on the website and visible to the sprint car world.  Teams that fill out their profile before that deadline will receive 15 points towards the 2011 season.


The 2011 PST Schedule is nearing completion, with a majority of the dates to be released in February.  The opener is slated for Saturday, May 7 at Black Rock Speedway.  This special event will be co-sanctioned by the United Racing Company (URC) and pay $2,500-to-win.  More information on this great lid-lifter will be coming in the near future.


Look for other significant announcements to be forthcoming in the next few weeks as the Patriots strengthen the payouts and point funds for a highly-anticipated 2011.  For more information, stay up to date on or on the social network front at or

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