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Posted: Nov 12, 2011 11:51 PM EDT

Jared Zimbardi Crowned as First Ever Patriot Sprint Tour Champion

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Nearly $23,000 Cash Handed Out at 2011 Awards Banquet


Rich Vleck, RUSH, NY (November 12, 2011)- In the first year the series was known as the Patriot Sprint Tour a new champion was also seated at the head table.


Ninety people were in attendance at the Wildwood Country Club in Rush, NY to see Jared Zimbardi take the Lion’s share of the nearly $23,000 cash point fund paid out with the support of A-Verdi Storage Containers, Original Pizza Logs, Insinger Race Fuels, Hoosier Tire Canada, Fine Touch Collision, Bonnell’s Collision, Mike Emhof Motorsports and Riverside Bar and Grill.


Zimbardi, 24, of Little Valley, NY, his family and his team sat at the front table on Saturday Night at the 2011 Patriot Sprint Tour Awards Banquet, as he became fifth different driver to be named a champion of the Patriots.  In the process, Zimbardi collected a check of $5025 in year-end point funds.


“This has been a long time coming,” stated Zimbardi upon accepting his championship trophy.  “I have been racing for 10 years and there were a lot of times when I would ask myself ‘Why am I doing this?’.  To get to this point is something pretty special.”


Zimbardi won three PST A-Mains on the season at the very different facilities of Stateline, Brockville and Black Rock.  When not in Victory Lane, his car was a consistent frontrunner throughout the season, due in large part to Tony DiFonzo, his crew chief who took home his first Mechanic of the Year Award.


The pilot of the Bundle of Warmth/ Kill Buck Outlet No. 35 took advance of the over $10,000 of bonus money available in the third season of the “Five Crown Tour”.  He captured the crown-jewel A-Verdi Storage Containers King of Upstate New York Title due in large part to his $4,000 win at Black Rock in August. “The Juice” also took home the Fine Touch Collision/ Bonnell’s Collision King of the Western Swing.  In addition to those titles, he also took home a beautiful cup and plenty of cash for winning the Riverside Bar and Grill King of the St. Lawrence for the second straight year.  To cap it all off, Zimbardi captured the first ever Original Pizza Logs Four Laps of Fame Dash Series Championship.


Tim Kelly, of Rock Stream, NY, was recognized at the Patriot Banquet for the second time after he finished his first tour in second place in points.  Kelly, along with co-owner Eddie Vickio, was named the Patriots of the Year for the second consecutive year. 


Brad Knab, of Delevan, NY, finished in the top-10 of the Patriot standings for the first time, placing third in points.  Knab was also crowned as the Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Award.


Scott Kreutter, of Alden, NY, made his return to sprint cars in 2011 and was able to finish fourth in points.  Along the way, Kreutter’s trials and tribulations were recognized with the Hard Luck of the Year Award and the Worst Luck of the Draw.


Steve Collins, of Belfast, NY, finished fifth in points and was officially named the 2011 Insinger Race Fuels Rookie of the Year.  Collins made sure to thank his competitors along with crew members Tom and Sandie Taber in his speech after putting his hands on the Eagle Trophy and Rookie’s Jacket.


Don Adamczyk, of Williamsville, NY was sixth in the overall standings. “The Williamsville Warrior” also claimed his eighth Best Appearing Car Award in nine years.


Four-time Patriot Champion Bryan Howland was seventh in points during a season where he was forced to miss a few shows.  The Auburn, NY driver was crowned as the Insinger Race Fuels King of the Southern Tier.


Canadian Mitch Brown, of Brantford, Ont., was eighth in the standings, which enabled him to capture the Outstanding Newcomer Award in his first season with the PST.


Jeff Frasier, of Montour Falls, NY and Shayne Ely, of Factoryville, PA were part of the point fund for the first time, as they finished ninth and tenth, respectively.


At the conclusion of the banquet, PST President Mike Emhof, who was given the Dedication to Motorsports Award on the night, made the announcement that the 2012 schedule will feature separate point funds separating the PST into American and Canadian Series.  More details will be available in the weeks and months to come.


The next stop during the off-season will be next week at the National Parts Peddler Trade Show and Auction in Syracuse, NY.  Stop by the Patriot Sprint Tour Booth Friday through Sunday.


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2011 Patriot Sprint Tour Awards Banquet


Overall Standings

Place    Driver                           Hometown                   Point Fund Total (Cash)

1          Jared Zimbardi Little Valley, NY                      $5025

2          Tim Kelly                     Rock Stream, NY                    $2700

3          Brad Knab                   Delevan, NY                            $2300

4          Scott Kreutter              Alden, NY                               $2000

5          Steve Collins                Belfast, NY                              $1875

6          Don Adamczyk            Williamsville, NY                      $1525

7          Bryan Howland            Auburn, NY                             $1400

8          Mitch Brown                Brantford, Ont                          $800

9          Jeff Frasier                   Montour Falls, NY                   $1075

10        Shayne Ely                   Factoryville, PA                        $900


A-Verdi Storage Containers King of Upstate New York Top-10

Place          Driver  

1                    Jared Zimbardi

2                    Steve Poirier

3                    Tim Kelly

4                    Don Adamczyk

5                    Jeff Frasier

6                    Lance Yonge

7                    Steve Collins

8                    Scott Kreutter

9                    Michael Parent

10                Brad Knab


Riverside Bar and Grill King of the St. Lawrence Top-10

Place          Driver  

1                    Jared Zimbardi

2                    Dave Dykstra

3                    Devin Caron

4                    Tim Kelly

5                    Brad Knab

6                    Chris Jones

7                    Paul Pekkonen

8                    Brian McDonald

9                    Doug Banks

10                Michael Parent


Insinger Race Fuels King of the Southern Tier Top-10

Place          Driver  

1                    Bryan Howland

2                    Jared Zimbardi

3                    Tim Kelly

4                    Scott Kreutter

5                    Don Adamczyk

6                    Shayne Ely

7                    Jeff Frasier

8                    Brad Knab

9                    Steve Collins

10                Vern Wasson


Fine Touch Collision/ Bonnell’s Collision King of the Western Swing Top-10

Place          Driver  

1                    Jared Zimbardi

2                    Scott Kreutter

3                    Dain Naida

4                    Kyle Moffit

5                    Brad Knab

6                    Don Adamczyk

7                    Vern Wasson

8                    Tim Kelly

9                    Shayne Ely

10                Dave Wickham


Original Pizza Logs Four Laps of Fame Dash Series Top-3

1                    Jared Zimbardi

2                    Vern Wasson

3                    Scott Kreutter


Gater Racing News Hard Charger of the Season Top-3

1                    Brad Knab

2                    Tim Kelly

3                    Vern Wasson and Jared Zimbardi


Additional Awards-

Insinger Race Fuels Rookie of the Year- Steve Collins.

Perfect Attendance- Jared Zimbardi

Dedication to Motorsports- Mike Emhof

Award for Sportsmanship- Jared Zimbardi

Hard Luck Award- Scott Kreutter

Worst Drawer of the Season- Scott Kreutter

Mechanic of the Year- Tony DiFonzo

Patriots of the Year- Tim Kelly and Eddie Vickio

Best Appearing Car- Adamczyk Motorsports No. 21

Outstanding Newcomer- Mitch Brown

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