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Posted: Sep 27, 2016 01:27 PM EDT

Lucas Wolfe Scores the Win at Rolling Wheels

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By Paul T. Harkenrider, PST Media

(Elbridge, NY) Former World of Outlaws competitor and the member of the Pennsylvania Posse, Lucas Wolfe made his first start with the Patriot Sprint Tour and collected the $5,000 check at the Rolling Wheels Raceway Park over Josh Weller and Stewart Friesen

A very strong 34 cars signed in for the lone appearance at the ‘fast track’ as the 360 Sprints were part of the Reapers Harvest 100 including the Big Block Modified’s and the GRIT Sportsman.

Darryl Ruggles drew the pole as he started up against Joe Trenca as the field took Scott Hixson’s green flag for the third time this weekend.

Joe Trenca used the middle to outside lane to his advantage taking the early race lead as Jeff Cook followed to take second from Ruggles.

Lucas Wolfe would come from his seventh starting spot and immediately make a charge to the front by getting to fourth in the opening laps.

Trenca would begin to build a very comfortable advantage until Wolfe was able to get by both Ruggles and Cook on lap six.

Meanwhile, ESE Dash winner, Stewart Friesen would start to make his presence known by cracking himself into the top five, as would Davie Franek who both started in row five.

Then on lap eight, Wolfe would get alongside Trenca on the back stretch and Wolfe would take the lead exiting turn four on lap nine.

A lap later, Trenca would attempt to take the lead back but would overcook turn one and go off the bank but would keep it going to remain in the top five.

The only caution would come out on lap 11 when Jordan Thomas would sustain a left rear flat, he was able to get the tire to change during the allotted two minute under the PST rules.

After the restart, Wolfe would not be challenged at all and take the win but the battle for the other remaining positions were still up for grabs.Josh Weller would find a comfortable line and make his way up to second but could not advance any farther. 

Stewart Friesen would also run out of time and settle up with a third place spot. Despite falling back as far as seventh from the lap nine incident, Joe Trenca was able to climb back into the top five and finish fourth battling with Jeff Cook and Davie Franek would finished behind him respectively.

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The Patriot Sprint Tour is a traveling Sprint Car Series that visits facilities in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Ontario.


Patriot Sprint Tour Quick Results- Rolling Wheels Raceway Park

A Main: LUCAS WOLFE, Josh Weller, Stewart Friesen, Joe Trenca, Jeff Cook, Davie Franek, Mark Smith, Jared Zimbardi, Chuck Hebing, Paulie Colagiovanni, Mike Mahaney, Darryl Ruggles, Bryan Howland, Tommy Wickham, Dylan Westbrook, Matt Tanner, Dave Just, Glenn Styres, Steve Glover, Rob Dietrick, Josh Azzi, Jordan Thomas, Jonathan Preston, Shawn Donath

Heat 1: Jeff Cook, Mark Smith, Joe Trenca, Glenn Styres, Mike Mahaney, Rob Dietrek, Steve Glover, Derrick Juliano, Pete Richardson

Heat 2: Lucas Wolfe, Jared Zimbardi, Shawn Donath, Jordan Thomas, Dylan Westbrook, Bryan Howland, Chris Jones, Dan Kuhn, Thomas Radivoy

Heat 3: Paulie Colagiovanni, Davie Franek, Stewart Friesen, Matt Tanner, Josh Azzi, Mat Billings, Bob Gray, Coleman Gullick (DNF)

Heat 4: Josh Weller, Chuck Hebing, Darryl Ruggles, Dave Just, Jonathan Preston, Tommy Wickham, Kelly Hebing, Stan Zanchin

ESE Dash: Stewart Friesen, Davie Franek, Paulie Colagiovanni, Jordan Thomas, Matt Tanner, Chuck Hebing  


B Main: Bryan Howland, Rob Dietrick, Tommy Wickham, Steve Glover, Chris Jones, Matt Billings, Kelly Hebing, Bob Gray, Dan Kuhn, Thomas Radivoy, Derrick Juliano, Stan Zanchin 

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