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Posted: Sep 25, 2016 05:59 PM EDT

Davie Franek late race pass wins him the Kramer Williamson Memorial at Fonda Speedway

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Contact: Paul T. Harkenrider  

PST Media  


(Fonda, NY) Current United Racing Club point leader, Davie Franek made the trip from New Jersey well worth it scoring his third Patriot Sprint Tour win at the Fonda Speedway and winning the inaugural Kramer Williamson over Cory Sparks and Mark Smith.  

PST Series Champion, Jared Zimbardi led the 25 car field to the green flag with a stout field of cars behind that were all going for the race lead in the opening laps. The first yellow was thrown when Joe Trenca was running third at the time and went off the pace bringing the field back together.  

Zimbardi would take the lead on the restart and lead lap five, but it was Fonda, New York driver Danny Varin taking the lead on the outside from Zimbardi entering turns one and two. Justin Barger would follow Varin on the outside lane but Zimbardi would be able hold on to second for the meantime.  

Varin would not hold on to the lead for long as lap traffic got in the way the race leader Varin coming off corner two 

bringing out the second yellow.  

Zimbardi would lead Barger, Cory Sparks, and CRSA driver Josh Pieniazek back to the green and taking the lead on the restart from the bottom was Sparks going right by Zimbardi and Barger out of the starters box and officially be scored as the race leader on lap 10.  

Lap 11 would see another yellow for another top five running car as Justin Barger was slow going down the back stretch and was unable to make it to the pits causing the yellow.  

Davie Franek would start to make his presence known as would Mark Smith who came from starting spot No. 19 where they both made it to the top three just trailing Sparks for the lead at the halfway point.

Lap traffic would start to play a factor on lap 18 where Sparks 1.5 second advantage would be eliminated as Franek and Smith were right there all vying for the race lead.

Then lap 20, Franek saw the clean line advantage on the outside lane entering the money corners of three and four officially taking the race lead on lap 21.

Franek would then cruise the final four laps and win the Kramer Williamson Memorial over Sparks, Smith, Zimbardi and Danny Varin would came back to complete the top five despite losing the race lead due to be involved in a caution.

Josh Pieniazek, a CRSA 305 driver came from the ESE Dash presented by Dover Brake Supply would race Zimbardi and Varin very competitively for a top fove but would have to settle for sixth. Matt Tanner would also come from the Dash starting 10th and would advance a few positions when it was all said and done to finish seventh. Completing the top ten was Paulie Colagiovanni, Jeff Cook and Josh Weller.

The Patriot Sprint Tour season comes to end today (September 25, 2016) as the track will visit Rolling Wheels Raceway Park for its lone appearance of the 2016 season. Please be sure to and follow @PatriotSprints on Instagram and twitter.


Kramer Williamson Memorial Quick Results

A Main: DAVIE FRANEK, Cory Sparks, Mark Smith, Jared Zimbardi, Danny Varin, Josh Pieniazek, Matt Tanner, Paulie Colagiovanni, Jeff Cook, Josh Weller, Jeff Trombley, Kory Gurney, Chris Jones, Dave Axton, Steve Glover, Ray Sitterly, Josh Flint, Kyle Smith, Bobby Varin, Jonathan Preston, Mark Sasso, Justin Barger, Chuck Hebing, Dave Just, Joe Trenca

Heat 1: Chuck Hebing, Danny Varin, Jared Zimbardi, Dave Just, Josh Pieniazek, Kyle Smith, Kelly Hebing, Mark Smith, Chris Jones, Ray Sitterly

Heat 2: Jeff Cook, Davie Franek, Paulie Colagiovanni, Josh Weller, Jonathan Preston, Dave Axton, Jeff Trombley, Steve Glover, Pete Richardson, Mark Sasso

Heat 3: Justin Barger, Cory Sparks, Joe Trenca, Josh Flint, Bobby Varin, Matt Tanner, Kory Gurney, Derrick Juliano, Bob Gray, Craig Pelligrini

ESE Dash (Presented by Dover Brake Supply): Paulie Colagiovanni, Matt Tanner, Josh Flint, Josh Pienazek, Josh Weller, Dave Just

B Main (Six Qualify): Mark Smith, Kory Gurney, Jeff Trombley, Steve Glover, Chris Jones, Ray Sitterlty, Kelly Hebing, Bob Gray, Mark Sasso, Derrick Juliano, Craig Pellegrini, Pete Richardson

Contingency Awards

Chris Jones- Low Tow Award (Drum of Fuel)

Joe Trenca- Hoosier Hard Luck Award- Hoosier Tire Certificate

Justin Barger- Hoosier Hard Luck Award- Tire Certificate

Kelly Hebing- First Car Out- Drum of Fuel

Josh Pieniazek- Hoosier Tire Award

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