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Posted: Sep 24, 2016 01:14 PM EDT

Chuck Hebing wins a thriller Outlaw Fall Nationals

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Contact: Paul Harkenrider  

PST Media  



(Dundee, NY) Local driver and sprint car great, Chuck Hebing showed he still has it as the Ontario, New York driver passes Josh Weller on the final lap to win the inaugural Outlaw Fall Nationals to score his first 360 Sprint car win at Outlaw Speedway since 2012.  

Central Pennsylvania driver, Mark Smith brought the 25 car field to the green flag lining up alongside URC competitor Josh Weller. Smith would take the early lead but the lap would not count because of a right rear flat on the No. 10c of Jeff Cook. The field would reset and Weller would grab the lead on the outside and lead the way in the opening laps.  

Smith would be running in second before overcooking turn four on lap six and falling back several positions outside the top ten. This put Chuck Hebing into the runner up spot followed by Dylan Westbrook, Kyle Drum, and Shawn Donath.  

The next caution flew on lap four when Tommy Wickham and Mike Koehler would get together on the front stretch slowing the field down.  

A double file restart would put Hebing on the outside of Weller allowing him to the lead which put Weller back to the runner up spot racing with Westbrook and Donath in the top five at the time. Also making their way through the pack was Paulie Colagiovanni, Davie Franek and Jared Zimbardi as they would be battling for a top five run in the second half of the race.  

However, on lap 15, lap traffic would slowly play a factor in this one where Weller would take that to his advantage by passing Hebing again on lap 16 to reclaim the top spot.  

Hebing would fall back as far as fourth while Dylan Westbrook and Jared Zimbardi would begin to show their noses in the final ten laps.  

Then on lap 27, Westbrook would pull alongside Weller for the race lead as the two exited corners one and two with lap traffic also in the mix. This allowed ‘The Cobra’ to go back on the outside two laps later, taking back the race lead, and sealing the victory over Weller and Westbrook who completed the podium, respectively.

Jared Zimbardi would come home in a close fourth followed by Davie Franek shortly after. Mark Smith fell back as far as 11th but would come back and settle for a solid sixth place finish. Shawn Donath who had started 11th would remain in the top ten all night and finish seventh for the No. 53. Joe Trenca would win his heat, start eighth and finish eighth, as Justin Barger would start 19th and pass nine cars to crack himself in the top 10. Kyle Drum got to as high as fourth but fell back in the second half of the night and finish 9th.

The Patriot Sprint Tour returns to the Fonda Speedway today (September 24), paying $3,073 in honor of Kramer Williamson. Racing is set to start 7:00 p.m. For more information, please be too sure to Like ‘Patriot Sprint Tour’ on facebook as well as following @PatriotSprints on twitter and Instagram. You can also log onto


Outlaw Fall Nationals Quick Results

September 23

A Main: CHUCK HEBING, Josh Weller, Dylan Westbrook, Jared Zimbardi, Davie Franek, Mark Smith, Shawn Donath, Joe Trenca, Kyle Drum, Justin Barger, Jonathan Preston, Steve Collins, Glenn Styres, Steve Glover, Parker Evans, Jason Barney, Darryl Ruggles, Matt Tanner, Chad Miller, Pete Richardson, Dave Just, Paulie Colagiovanni, Jeff Cook, Tommy Wickham, Mike Kohler

Heat 1: Dylan Westbrook, Jared Zimbardi, Jonathan Preston, Davie Franek, Parker Evans, Jason Barney, Paul Habeck, Derrick Juliano

Heat 2: Joe Trenca, Glenn Styres, Kyle Drum, Matt Tanner, Justin Barger, Steve Collins, Sammy Reakes, Pete Richardson

Heat 3: Mark Smith, Dave Just, Paulie Colagiovanni, Steve Glover, Darryl Ruggles, Dan Kuhn, Mike Koller, Coleman Gullick (DNS)

Heat 4: Josh Weller, Shawn Donath, Chuck Hebing, Chuck Miller, Jeff Cook, Tommy Wickham, Josh Azzi

Pole Dash: Mark Smith, Josh Weller, Dylan Westbrook, Chuck Hebing, Paulie Colagiovanni, Davie Franek, Kyle Drum, Joe Trenca

ESE Dash: Glenn Styres, Jared Zimbardi, Shawn Donath, Dave Just, Chad Miller, Jonathan Preston


B Main: Jason Barney, Steve Collins, Tommy Wickham, Mike Koeler, Sammy Reakes, Pete Richardson, Josh Azzi, Derrick Juliano, Paul Habeck (DNF), Dan Kuhn (DNS), Coleman Gullick (DNS)

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