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Posted: Aug 7, 2016 12:09 PM EDT

Jared Zimbardi Holds On at Outlaw Speedway

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By Paul T. Harkenrider, PST Media

(Dundee, NY) The closest race all season came at Outlaw Speedway in Dundee, New York when Jared Zimbardi held off Central PA driver, Mark Smith by .04 seconds to pick up his seventh win of the season with the A-Verdi Storage Containers Patriot Sprint Tour.

26 Cars rolled into the pits on this special night in conjunction with the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series being just down the road at Watkins Glenn Speedway this weekend.

23 cars started the 25 lap main event and it was Jonathan Preston starting up front right next to Jared Zimbardi as the two brought the field too green.

Zimbardi immediately established a groove on the top side where Mark Smith, who started fourth followed him once Smith was able to get by second place runner in Preston.

Zimbardi met lap traffic quickly five laps into the event but it did not seem to slow him down as he sliced his way through maintaining a comfortable lead over Smith and Preston.

The field was moving at record pace as the first 14 laps were complete in less than four minutes when the first caution flew as Kyle Drum sustained a right rear flat tire stopping on the top of turn three. Drum’s team was able to get the tire changed under the designated two-minute working time to remain on the lead lap.

The field would go back too green as Zimbardi had the better restart of the two where he would once again build a comfortable lead as Steven Hutchinson Jr would spin exiting turn four to bring out the second caution just three laps later.

This restart was far different for Smith as he was able to get underneath the Zimbardi car as the two were even terms going down the back stretch, it was then Smith would pull the slide job on Zimbardi to take over the race lead on lap 17.

The lead did not last long for Smith as Zimbardi would take the lead right back on the next lap. Then on lap 19, Tommy Wickham, who was running fifth at the time would hit an implement tire exiting turn two which would give him heavy front end damage and send him into the infield, but not far enough resulting in the third yellow.

The next restart would be similar as before with Smith doing everything he could to get by the Zimbardi car to take command of the event.

The final six laps were a show for the great race fans of Outlaw Speedway as the two of the very best would battle for the race lead with just five laps to go.

As the white flag was displayed, Smith would dig deep entering turn one but the car would get too sideways as he was able to save it as he caught Zimbardi heading into three and four. Smith would try once again the bottom of turns three and four and it get very close of stealing the win but was .04 seconds short of winning the event but would have to settle for second.

Jonathan Preston would have the best seat in the house finishing third followed by Danny Varin, and Darryl Ruggles completing the top five.

Zimbardi takes home once again the Shuttleworth’s Seal’s the deal award. Derek Jonathan was the final car to take the checkered which would give him the final finisher award presented by Stampede Steakhouse. Jake Muench took home the Casey’s Truck Salvage ‘Salvage of the night award.

Josh Azzi picked up the B Amain win with Kyle Drum taking home the ESE Dash for cash.

The series continues at Fonda Speedway next Saturday, August 13, 2016 for the second time in 2016. 

The next Sprint Car event at Outlaw Speedway for the first ever “Fall Nationals” will be Friday, 

September 23, paying $5,000 to the winner.

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The Patriot Sprint Tour is a traveling 360 Sprint Car Series that visits tracks in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Ontario.


Outlaw Speedway Quick Results

August 5, 2016


A Main: JARED ZIMBARDI (7), Mark Smith, Jonathan Preston, Danny Varin, Darryl Ruggles, Steve Collins, Coleman Gullick, Kyle Drum, Jordan Thomas, Jake Muench, Dave Just, Paul Habeck, Steve Glover, Steven Hutchinson Jr, Alysha Bay, Dalton Daniels, Josh Azzi, Pete Richardson, Dan Kuhn, Derek Jonathan, Tommy Wickham, Tyler Graves, Dan Bennett


Heat 1: Jared Zimbardi, Steven Hutchinson Jr, Dalton Daniels , Dan Bennett, Jake Muench, Steve Glover, Josh Azzi, Derek Jonathan, Denny Peebles


Heat 2: Jonathan Preston, Jordan Thomas, Tommy Wickham, Coleman Gullick, Danny Varin, Tyler Graves, Alysha Bay, Dan Kuhn, Frank Connelly


Heat 3: Mark Smith, Darryl Ruggles, Paul Habeck, Dave Just, Kyle Drum, Steve Collins, Pete Richardson, Derrick Juliano


B Main: Josh Azzi


ESE Dash: Kyle Drum, Danny Varin, Dalton Daniels, Steve Collins, Coleman Gullick, Dave Just


Shuttleworth’s Seals the Deal Racing Bonus: Jared Zimbardi


Casey’s Truck Salvage ‘Salvage of the Night:’ Jake Muench


Stampede Steakhouse ‘Final Finisher’ Award: Derek Jonathan

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