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Posted: Jul 20, 2015 11:52 AM EDT

Patriots Ready for Rolling Wheels and Woodhull for Pair of $2,500-to-Win Features

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Rich Vleck, ROCHESTER, NY, (July 20, 2015)- This weekend, the Patriot Sprint Tour has races at Rolling Wheels and Woodhull; both events are 25 laps and pay $2,500-to-win, but that is about where the similarities end.


Thursday night, July 23, the Patriot Sprint Tour rocks the Rolling Wheels Raceway Park, four years to the date since the last PST-sanctioned event at “The Fast Track”.  This will be the ninth official visit to the 5/8-mile oval over the 13-year history of the series and almost every one of the prior winners will be on hand for this special event as part of the Rush Hour TV broadcast.


Sammy Reakes IV is the current PST America Point Leader and is a past sportsman champion at RWR, but he knows it will be a tall task to obtain his third win of the year.  Past RWR winners Chuck Hebing, Bryan Howland and Steve Poirier are all expected to be in competition.  Hebing has won five of the eight PST features, while Poirier and Howland each have a single win.


The list of favorites is expansive for this race, which not only pays $2,500 to win but $1,250 for second place.  Names such as PST Canada Point Leader Jason Barney, past PST winners George Suprick, Justin Barger, Stewart Friesen, Steve Collins, Tommy Wickham, Robbie Stillwaggon and Larry Wight could all be in the mix.  Add to it the likes of Steven Hutchinson Jr.,Tyler Graves  Paulie Colagiovanni, Shawn Donath, Darryl and Alysha Ruggles, Paul Habeck, Dave Wickham, Davie Franek, Chris Steele, Josh Azzi,  Joe Trenca, Jake Muench and Steve Glover, just to name a few, and you have what should be a terrific event.


After a night off on Friday, the tour rolls back in to action for a traditional late-July event at Woodhull Raceway on Saturday.  The high-banked 1/3-mile has been the happy hunting grounds for Chuck Hebing over the years, with seven wins in the 14 events, but of late it has been Bryan Howland and Justin Barger who have been dominating the Steuben County Bullring.  Howland has three wins at Woodhull, including a late-race win there this May while Barger has a pair of victories from deep in the pack. 


Kyle Drum, from Wayland, NY, knows that this event will be critical in gaining ground on Reakes for the championship point lead while heading down the stretch.   Most recent PST America winner Steve Collins will be geared up for another race near his Belfast, NY residence. 


Dave and Scott Just, Steven Hutchinson Jr., George Suprick, Tyler Graves, Scott Kreutter, Jake Muench, Darryl and Alysha Ruggles, Paul Habeck, Josh Azzi, Dave Wickham and Woodhull lover Shawn Donath are just some of the other names that should be expected.


This traditional event features bonus money for the top 305 competitors such as Nick Cooper, Dan Kuhn and Will Glover.  This should help to bolster the car count and bring some unique competition in to the mix.


Heat Races at Rolling Wheels kick off at 7:00 P.M. Thursday, with the gates swinging open at 4:00 P.M.  Woodhull starts at 6:30 P.M.  For more information, visit




Patriot History at Rolling Wheels

Races: 8

7/2/2003              Rick Wilson

6/1/2005              Bryan Howland

5/30/2006            Chuck Hebing

10/7/2006            Chuck Hebing

5/6/2007              Chuck Hebing

7/3/2007              Chuck Hebing

7/22/2011            Steve Poirier

7/23/2011            Chuck Hebing


Patriot History at Woodhull

Races: 14

9/1/2007          Chuck Hebing

5/24/2008        Chuck Hebing

5/30/2009        Bobby Breen

7/31/2010        Chuck Hebing

7/31/2010        Dan Shetler

5/21/2011        Chuck Hebing

7/30/2011        Bryan Howland

5/19/2012        Chuck Hebing

7/21/2012        Justin Barger

5/11/2013        Bryan Howland

8/17/2013        Justin Barger

5/10/2014        Chuck Hebing

7/26/2014        Chuck Hebing


5/9/2015           Bryan Howland

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