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Posted: Jul 20, 2014 02:06 PM EDT

Einstein Construction Group to Bolster Patriot Sprint Tour Event at Yates County

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Rich Vleck, ROCHESTER, NY, (July 20, 2014)- The longest-running Patriot Sprint Tour event on the schedule is gaining strength in anticipation, but it also is also becoming more lucrative for the teams involved.



Einstein Construction Group has stepped up to make the August 8th event at the Yates County Speedway a $2,000-to-win event.  The 4/10-mile that was known at Black Rock Speedway up until this season, has hosted the Patriots on the second weekend in August each year since 2004 has hosted more Patriot Sprint Tour events (36) than any other location.


The addition of Einstein Construction Group to the Yates County event is just the start of what promises to be a close-working relationship moving forward.


Einstein Construction Group is headquartered in Denton, TX, but is largely based in Central New York.  They offer general contracting of all project levels, with the ability to service any job from the simple business needs to the more complex such as airport concessions and commercial locations.


“Simply put we just like racing,” said Paul Colagiovanni of Einstein Construction Group.  “My son is currently running a microsprint and will soon be moving up in to a 360 and so we are happy to support many different forms of dirt racing.”


Einstein Construction Group is displayed prominently on the sideboards of some top local competitors including Tommy Wickham’s No. 75 and Shawn Donath’s No. 53, each of whom may be in the mix for the top prize that is now offered at Yates County.



Yates County Speedway is under their first year of direction from Dan Harpell, which has been met with great review. For more information, visit

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